Our qualified copy-editors are on hand to edit your content. Well edited content can grab your reader’s attention and keep it. But if your texts are bland, error ridden or difficult to read, your audience may not stick around till the end.

Getting the help of an editor can raise the standards of your content.

What do copy-editors do?

While copy-editors also proofread your work, we also go further to pick up on weaknesses in your text, however grammatically they are written. Some of the content problems improved by copy-editors include:

  • Maintaining the desired tone
  • Improving fluency
  • Brevity, word count control and concise summarisation
  • Removing unnecessary Jargon
  • Highlighting/replacing cliches
  • Highlighting and correcting inappropriate or potentially offensive language
  • Globalisation i.e. editing to ensure content is suitable for multiple cultures
  • Replacing linguistic idioms unsuitable for a global audience
  • and more…

What’s next?

Are you 100% sure that your content has been optimised to the highest possible standards? Get in touch to find out what we can do for you.