Why Proofreading?

Proofreading is a vital part of the process of publishing. Whether you publish a website, article, book, report or any other written document, cutting corners can leave you looking unprofessional.

Why hire a proofreader?

Whether you write for fun, business or education, any written words need to be proofread to make it easy to read, understand and look professional.

Proofreading will help you:

  • Eliminate errors in your document

Even a single spelling or grammar error can undermine you and ruin a first impression. Your audience will immediately doubt your competence, professionalism and the quality of your words or the research that went into it.

  • Correcting style errors

A consistent house style is vital to maintaining your brand and demonstrating cohesion in your words and team. Proofreading emphasises maintaining a house style and finding inconsistencies that you may not have noticed.

As every proofreader knows, no matter how educated you are, how good your English is, or how much attention to detail you have, you simply cannot proofread your own work efficiently. You will always miss something.

In fact, the more you read your own words, the more your eye becomes used to see what you expect to see or what you intended to write, instead of the errors and omissions that crept in.

What next?

Don’t leave those errors in your document, hire a good proofreader to add the final polish to your words.