Adept Services specialises in bespoke proofreading services to suit your individual needs. Although we have simple products available to order online now, we are keen to offer you the most tailor-made service we can. Whatever your project or specific needs may be, we would like to work with you to offer you tailored service at a reasonable price.


Whether you are writing for a product, marketing copy for advertisements, manuals, brochures, flyers, reports or any other document, don’t fall short on quality. Avoid embarrassing errors. Keep Adept Services in your corner to check your content before it goes out to customers.


Whether for business or personal purposes, your website is an ambassador for you and reflects your image to visitors. Proofreading your web content is vital. Neglecting the proofreading process is a common error that becomes obvious to your visitors.


As a student, you are under plenty of pressure to research and write quality assignments, theses and essays to deadline without having to worry about typos and grammar errors that are often invisible to a writer’s own eye. As a rule of thumb, no writer can proofread their own work as the eye only sees what it expects to see. With your tutors permission, a proofreading service can clean up typos and grammar to let your hard work be evident and marked without distraction.


The Adept Services team includes proofreaders experienced in the print and publishing industry. Whether you need an emergency proofreading or a regular service, our passionate proofreaders are on hand to help.

Self-published authors

If you are a self-publishing author, whether for the first time or with some experience, you will need strong reliable proofreaders on your side. Get in touch to see how we can help at a price that is right for you. Remember, we also have experience with printing and may be able to save you money or enhance the print features for your book.


Employers and recruiters can look through dozens of CV for any one position. The smallest things can put off a recruiter, especially when there is a lot of competition. You do not want your CV catching an employer’s eye for the wrong reasons. Make sure your CV is proof-read to avoid missing out because of avoidable errors.

English as a second language

Thinking in one language and writing in another can easily lead to unexpected errors and unconventional phrasing or grammar. Adept Services has extensive experience correcting content written by speakers of other languages.