How long will my proofreading take?

Proofreading at Adept Services involves far more than a spell check. We will research your content for accuracy, check line by line for consistency issues in formatting, maintaining style guides, spacing, font and size and a lot more.

Moreover, we will not farm out your project to an array of freelancers to speed up our service. You will be allocated a specific proofreader who will remain in touch with you and work through your project from start to finish.

Our services are generally competitively priced at an hourly rate and we aim to be as time efficient as possible.

We will always offer you a free quote for price and deadline upon receiving full details of your project. This will be based on the time your project should reasonably take by our professional proofreaders. If we are delayed in our delivery, you will not be charged for any extra time taken.

Very simple single documents are easier to quote and you may find some special offers in our Shop.

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