Based in London, the Adept Services team has been supporting businesses and publishers across the UK for over a decade.  

Our Team

Combining a wide range of qualifications, skills, experience and industry-specific knowledge, our team works closely together to offer our clients the best of our talents.

Proofreading is often more than just a spellcheck. Your words have context. We understand that you are writing to an audience that may be very picky about industry-specific terminology, which is why our team is not only meticulous in grammar, but comprises skilled researchers that can draw on their own skills and professional backgrounds.

Style Guides

Our proofreaders, transcribers and translators are experienced in working with a variety of style guides both during our extensive internal training and for our wide range of clients. 

Our proofreaders commonly utilise the Oxford English Dictionary, the Blue Book of Grammar, and the Guardian Style Guide. However, we frequently work with Harvard, Chicago, APA and other styles, including completely bespoke style guides. 

Every client is different, and different purposes call for different style guides. Our team is happy to work with you based on your specific needs. Simply explain your needs during or after you place your order.


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